Intro about Me, hopefully you get something out of it. Yay!

Design is not rectangles and design systems. Coaching is not immediate answers and knowing it all. But mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. 

Fighting day by day to make this simulation a good one.

Career shift into Coaching & Mentoring, to empower young creatives, founders and leaders, so they kick some butt!

We all have a superpower hidden within; mine specialty is helping others discover theirs.

This is the basis of everything I do. A coach approach. I will never push my views and methods onto you. I'm always interested in your ways of doing things, what gets you going, what you stand for.

I work with people who have embarked on the exciting journey of starting or managing a business in creative digital space. My role is to help these founders, leaders and managers as they face the everyday challenges. People, teams & companies I work with end up embracing their own unique self and cultivating their own inner strength rather than mindlessly following the practices of others.

For me it’s all about the big picture, the why, connection and celebration of the human imperfection that we eventually embrace and only then really push for the things we want to have in life.

Here's a rundown of the sessions I offer:


  • Transformational coaching
  • Leadership coaching
  • Design coaching


  • Leadership consultations
  • Design consultations


  • Design

ICF (ACSTH) & EMCC Accredited coach training
ICF Member

My last job at STRV as Chief Design & Engineering Officer (C-level), since January 2O18.

This role allowed me to boost the cooperation between team leaders and platform experts from iOS, Android, Backend, Frontend, Machine Learning, Design & QA, while also communicating with those responsible for having STRV’s internal processes run smoothly. This all revolved around what STRV is all about – taking care of the people, creating cool stuff and having a great time.


  • Design Team Lead
  • Product Designer
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Graphic Designer

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