Intro about Me, hopefully you get something out of it. Yay!

So I was born...

Dear visitor, please understand that it is not my natural state to rave about myself in online or offline mediums. Still, witness how I take on the challenge to write something that wraps up my career and some personal views, trying to find a healthy balance between keeping it chill and actually showing that I am not really that useless. Here we go!

I call myself a designer. I called myself that back when I was designing various graphics and digital software, and I also say it these days while managing other designers and leaders. The craft's not really about the thrill of drawing rectangles or hearing clients say Love it! It's the passion to do something that helps humans.

During the last few years, I have directly led a design team of 13 and a QA team of 5. I'm now leading a whole design & engineering department of 130 designers, developers and QA testers, all of whom I indirectly oversee through my team of 13 leaders and managers. That may seem like a career progression but, at one point, I was doing all of it at the same time.

I dare to say that I feel confident leading people and, mainly... that I love it! I believe that everyone has some sort of superpower that makes them do great things, and I think mine is that I recognize it in others.

My current job at STRV as Chief Design & Engineering Officer (C-level), since January 2O18.

It's a leadership role and it's a biggie for me! It allows me to boost the cooperation between the platform and department leaders of iOS, Android, Backend, Frontend, Machine Learning, Design and QA. I am also responsible for setting up hiring requirements for the departments and coordinating their utilization. Additionally, I communicate with the people responsible for our internal processes running smoothly and when I can, I dabble in our HR activities. All this touches on what STRV is all about — taking care of its people, creating cool stuff and having a great time.

Check and Read this, it can give some insights. Maybe?

Some Other things I do, like chasing dreams or whatnot and weirdly expressing myself, mostly with my life buddy Linda.

Life Coaching   EMCC Czech Republic
I love coaching and I can't say enough how much it has helped me. I'd been coaching before but, in 2020, I took part in a year-long program to learn how to do it all right and, mainly, responsibly. These days, I try to sneak in at least one session per week to help out whoever needs it. And in lieu of payment, my clients donate to a charity of their choice.

certified life coach   Philosophy
Linda and I believe there are too many quotes just for the sake of quotes in the world, so we made a brand with no forced truths, only questions. 

designer, ideas

Ūndersurface   Community
An international, invite-only designers', entrepreneurs', tinkerers' and doers' community.


Trash Talks   Comics
Soon to hit the Insta. A comics about raccoons rambling about life, garbage and garbage life.

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I try to do good   Effort
In my job, my side activities, wherever I can – I try to help individuals, teams, nature. I feel pretty good when I look in the mirror, but I am still at the begining. If you have an interesting project or could use some help, just let me know.