Intro about Me, hopefully you get something out of it. Yay!

With a combined 15+ years of design, leadership and coaching experience, the bundle of how I can help is wide-ranging.

For individuals, it's pretty straightforward. But when it comes to teams, executives, leaders and companies, that's when I don't stick to a formula. Keeping my services fluid lets me create the right "package" made for any goal at hand.

We sit down, discuss how I can help and go from there — creating a fusion of sessions that will get us where we need to go.

Here's a rundown of the sessions I offer:

- Transformational coaching (1-on-1)
- Leadership coaching (1-on-1 and group sessions)
- Design coaching (1-on-1 and group sessions)

- Leadership consultations (1-on-1 and group sessions)
- Design consultations (1-on-1 and group sessions)

- Design (1-on-1 and group sessions)

ICF (ACSTH) & EMCC Accredited coach training
ICF & EMCC Member

My last job at STRV as Chief Design & Engineering Officer (C-level), since January 2O18.

This role allowed me to boost the cooperation between team leaders and platform experts from iOS, Android, Backend, Frontend, Machine Learning, Design & QA, while also communicating with those responsible for having STRV’s internal processes run smoothly. This all revolved around what STRV is all about – taking care of the people, creating cool stuff and having a great time.

Check and Read this, it can give some insights. Maybe?

Some Other things I do, like chasing dreams or whatnot and weirdly expressing myself, mostly with my life buddy Linda.   Philosophy
Linda and I believe there are too many quotes just for the sake of quotes in the world, so we made a brand with no forced truths, only questions. 

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Ūndersurface   Community
An international, invite-only designers', entrepreneurs', tinkerers' and doers' community.


Trash Talks   Comics
Soon to hit the Insta. A comics about raccoons rambling about life, garbage and garbage life.

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I try to do good   Effort
In my job, my side activities, wherever I can – I try to help individuals, teams, nature. I feel pretty good when I look in the mirror, but I am still at the begining. If you have an interesting project or could use some help, just let me know.